About Us

After the great liberation war of 1971, all the people of Bangladesh were united by only one thing, and that is sports!

We have no hesitation in admitting that nothing else is more touching than the success or failure of the Bangladesh national football or cricket team, even the hockey or kabaddi team. The craftsmanship of the players overwhelms us. Or on Argentina-Brazil, Real-Barcelona, ​​India-Pakistan debate, we can spend the whole night. In short, we are one of the most sports-crazy nations in the world.

Sports spectators or supporters of this generation do not aware about sports world less than conventional journalists. In some cases, they even have better understanding. Moreover, these audiences are not satisfied with our conventional journalism. What they watch on TV, whatever they see on the field; don’t reflect in today’s sports writings.

People here have unlimited hunger for something else, something new. We want to do sports journalism that is useful to these audiences. In fact, we don’t want to; We want to give this generation of spectators an integrated place to write about sports. The place that is built by them will become exactly like their thought.

KHELA 71 is a platform where sports audiences can fulfill their need. We are blending the traditional journalistic point of view with the thoughts of the new generation. Our moto is `AAMRA KORBO JOY’ which means `We will win’.

It goes without saying that there is not much sports media in Bangladesh. With due respect to others, we want to make the first full-fledged and most active sports website in Bangladesh.

Our initiative is not limited just to written sports news or features. We also want to work with e-commerce. Sporting goods and sports tickets will be sold on our website. We have a future vision to launch a printed sports magazine.

Our main focus is obviously Cricket, as Bangladesh is a proud cricket nation. Not only that, the country has the second largest cricket follower population in the world!

However, we want to cover every game in the country intensively. We would like to bring up the life of everyone involved in sports, the various stories of the players, the life off the field and all the stories about them. We have proper writing space for the sports lovers, as we want to create new generation sports analysts.

We want to build the reader’s direct relationship with the players. Players and officials want to bring the reader face to face by introducing things like Q&A on live and talk shows, conversations.

We think that in the age of digital Bangladesh, it is not possible to survive only with online or print media. Therefore, we will also place additional emphasis on video content.

We want to dream Big. Hope in one day everyone would consider KHELA 71 as the final word on any issue of sports in Bangladesh. We will win, one day.